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【明升亚洲登录】7.Disposable Contact Lenses7.重复使用隐形眼镜Contact lenses have been around for decades, and theyve changed quite a bit since the early days of hard plastic lenses. The 1970s saw the rise of soft lenses made from hydrogel. Its no secret why soft lenses quickly became popular: They were more air permeable than the older lenses and more comfortable to boot. Since then, both hard and soft contact lenses have seen improved permeability, and can be worn for longer periods of time.隐形眼镜的不存在早已有几十年了。从早期的硬塑料镜片开始,新型的隐形眼镜早已提高了很多。二十世纪七十年代,由水凝胶做成的软性隐形眼镜开始兴起。

软性隐形眼镜随之显得风行全球。它们比旧的镜片极具透气性,且更加便利配戴。从那以后,硬性和软性隐形眼镜的透气性都有所提高,而且可以长时间地持续配戴。In 1987, contact lenses became an even more convenient substitute for wearing glasses. Thats the year disposable contact lenses hit the consumer market. Disposable lenses are soft contact lenses meant to be worn for a short period of time. Before disposable lenses, owning contacts was a bit like owning glasses. You wore the same pair every day and had to clean and care for them regularly. That meant losing a lens was a costly mistake.1987年,隐形眼镜替换眼镜,沦为更加便利的替代品。



在重复使用隐形眼镜经常出现之前,享有隐形眼镜和享有眼镜就是一码子事,因为你每天戴着同一副镜片,也很难确保可以定期去清除和护理,就无形中减少了遗失镜片所要忍受的损失。With disposable lenses, that problem vanished. Since 1987, these contacts have become the go-to solution for in-eye vision correction. Theyre available in daily, weekly, and monthly forms.有了重复使用隐形眼镜,这样的问题就几乎不不存在了。

1987年起,这些隐形眼镜沦为内眼矫正视力的选用解决方案。隐形眼镜还多了日抛掷、周抛掷、月抛掷等多种自由选择。6.The Space Shuttle6.航天飞机After the lunar missions in the late 60s and early 70s, the people at NASA dedicated themselves to developing a new type of vehicle that could venture into space and return home safely. The culmination of their research and development was the Space Shuttle. The engineers and mechanics designed it to be more than just a transportation vehicle -- the Space Shuttle would become an orbiting scientific laboratory capable of hosting numerous experiments designed to increase our understanding of the universe. The Space Shuttles also played an important role in deploying and maintaining equipment in space, including satellites and the International Space Station.在60年代末期70年代早期的月球任务已完成之后,美国国家航空和宇宙航行局(NASA)就致力于研发一种新的交通工具,使得飞行器需要转入太空也能安全性回国降落。


航天飞机在配备和修理还包括卫星和国际空间站等在内的太空设备上也充分发挥着相当大起到。The first Space Shuttle launch was the Columbia on April 12, 1981. The mission lasted a little more than two days. The Columbia returned home safely and gave NASA valuable information about the design of the shuttle. A few tiles had broken off during the launch sequence, which informed NASA that engineers would need to make adjustments to head off future problems with other launches.航天飞机的首次升空是1981 年4月12日的“哥伦比亚”号。这个任务持续了两天多。“哥伦比亚”号的安全性降落,给美国国航局带给了在航天飞机生产方面的诸多宝贵信息。

在启动序列期间,有几个瓦片掉下来,这让美国国航局意识到,工程师必需得做到一些调整来应付以后升空中可能会经常出现的问题。Since Columbias launch, thereve been more than 130 Space Shuttle missions, and the program has inspired hundreds of children to study science and dream of space exploration.自“哥伦比亚”号升空以来,早已极致继续执行了130多起航天飞机升空任务,与此同时,这一项目也鼓舞了无数梦想着太空探险的孩子自学科学的热情。5.IBM and Macintosh Personal Computers5.美国国际商用机器公司(IBM)和苹果个人电脑A computing revolution began in the 1970s. Early computers were massive machines -- some so large that theyd take up an entire floor of a building. Yet these machines had less processing power than a typical smartphone might boast today. As the era of miniaturization approached, computers shrunk. And hobbyists began to explore a world previously reserved for academic, government and research institutions. The personal computer became reality.19世纪70年代,世界范围内开始了一场电脑革命。




自此,个人电脑日益在大众中普及。IBMs 5150 Personal Computer launched in 1981. It contained an Intel 8088 processor and ran on version 1.0 of the PC-DOS operating system. The computer supported the Microsoft BASIC programming language. For much of the 1980s, IBM was synonymous with personal computers. You might say you own an IBM the same way youd talk about owning a Windows PC nowadays. In fact, the old IBM PC is an ancestor to the Windows-based computers used by millions of people today.1981年,IBM-5150号个人电脑首次亮相。它配有英特尔8088处理器,并沿袭了第一版的个人计算机磁盘操作系统 ——(PC—DOS)操作系统。



实质上,以前的IBM个人电脑就是现在无数人所用于的微软公司系统电脑的鼻祖。In 1984, Apple launched the Macintosh computer. It was the first personal computer to feature a graphics-based user interface. Other computers required users to type in commands to launch applications. The Macintosh used icons to represent programs and a strange device called a mouse. Though neither the mouse nor the graphic user interface were new ideas, they hadnt been part of the mass consumer market until the Macintosh hit store shelves.1984年,苹果发售了Macintosh电脑。


尽管鼠标和图形用户界面都不是什么新的点子,但直到苹果个人电脑经常出现在商店的货架上之后,才确实的攻占了大众消费市场。4.Compact Discs4.激光唱片Music collectors in the early 1980s had limited choices. Audiophiles claimed that the only sound worth hearing was stored on vinyl albums. But these records take up a lot of space and can be damaged easily. Cassettes and 8-track tapes took up less space, but the magnetic storage format degraded over time. Companies like Sony and Philips swooped in to create an alternative: the compact disc.上世纪80年代的音乐收藏者们在音乐上的自由选择很有限。



于是,索尼和飞利浦等这样的公司之后趁虚而入,建构出有另一款替代品——激光唱片。In the early to mid 1980s, engineers wrote a series of books that set out the standards for the compact-disc format. There were five books in the series, each a different color. The first book, which was red, established the basic standards for audio recording on compact disc. Later books expanded the standards, adding data storage capabilities to the CD and giving birth to the CD-ROM and CD-RW formats.上世纪80年代早期,工程师们编著了一系列丛书,详尽规范了激光唱片的格式标准。 该系列丛书共计五本,分别以五种有所不同颜色来区分。第一本书是红色的,它阐释了激光唱片音频录音的基本标准。

先前的几本书皆在第一本的基础上扩展了格式标准,在CD上可选数据储存的能力,新的建构包括CD-ROM和CD-RW格式的光盘。Not only did this revolutionize the music industry, practically killing off the cassette and vinyl markets, but also the budding computer industry. Early floppy disks had limited storage capacity and could lose data if exposed to magnets. Compact discs stored information in an optical format and could hold far more data than typical magnetic disks. The first compact disc players were expensive, but by the 1990s the format dominated both the music and computer storage markets.激光唱片某种程度是音乐产业的一场革命,堪称歼灭了盒式磁带和黑胶唱片的市场。早期的软盘存储能力受限,置放磁场中十分更容易遗失数据。